Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grant Design Group's new offices! Sneak Peek....

still detail to be added, as in window film details - updates to follow!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Go Jets Go!!!!!!!

Winnipeg made the NHL playoffs, and KIKI says they must WIN!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I'm tired of playing 
let's go out
into the yard
and rake the leaves
into a perfect floorpan
that I used to think existed
anywhere but here.

- Debbie Calverley

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Of Yalta

Sure, it's all Chekhov this and Chekhov that,
and I am far from the only one
to keep myself up at night
thinking about his gun, 

but the man was a dreamboat,
gray eyes and smirking beard
and lips—those lips. The kind of man who,
if he were now alive at the age he died, 

would walk into the party, see me,
slide his eyes over the temperate steppe of my body,
and then talk to my pretty friend.
Better for us both then that he's dead. 

I've been rejected in two centuries, lonely
in millennia, pride of my generation.
This old story. Women who like men
love them until the men are holes 

and the women turn back to bone.
Every time a man left me, I burned
something I loved until I was left
with only the gear knob of a Dodge Omni 

and wine stains round my mouth.
Maybe that is not all true, or quite true,
or true in the way that you want. All I know
is that we do not have to have a thing 

to lose it. I mourn the children
I am too sad to have, and the disappointment
of the lover I am too tired to take.
All day I feel them, their ghost limbs' need 

and heat, the echo of their bodies
against my teeth—absences expanding inside me
like the flower behind a bullet,
the blood inside a lung.


He climbs the staircase of his dry throat,
opens the door and dives out and down
the spiral narrowness of air. All
he leaves behind are those
he never wanted, but this,
always, he has wanted. 


Sunday, April 5, 2015


Everyone wants the Spruce cut down
except us, the landscapers and arborists.
You see, it’s forty feet high and doesn’t afford
the neighbors an opportunity to peek.
Shade in  summer, green in winter
harbor for birds, squirrels,  an occasional
winter rabbit.  Only the tree brings the wind
to life in the rattle of cones, shaking boughs
stretched to hold last night’s snow, or bending
to springs first rain.   Every year a particular
bird arrives – her sweet song hidden in the depths
a mystery never revealed.  And just before dusk
a slice of sun smiles the whole world orange.

Debbie Calverley