Saturday, February 11, 2017


Love, lift me up out of these blues
Won’t you tell me something true
I believe in you

The day their sky exploded
the radio wasn’t on
she was playing a home-made cassette
a friend had mailed to her.
Elevation was on top volume
she was singing top volume
and driving full speed
down a country road.

A sky blue Tuesday
one of those autumns
that carried no pricetag
in the middle of a January white-out.
The version of Elevation
was not official
one she had never heard
lots of flute and that made her happy.

When she arrived at her client’s door
one she had never met before
she was greeted with
It’s a disaster
Laughing, she indicated she’d seen
a lot of homes in a state of disaster.
The woman looked at her strangely;
No, A plane just hit the twin towers

It’s funny what you remember
when the world changes forever -
It’s funny what you remember.

- Debbie Calverley