Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sky Blue

Sky blue as ice
bruise on her hand
summer has fallen

geese on the wind
their wings whoosh 
over her bent head 

yesterday her uncle passed
harvest in the once full fields
everything turns
Into something else

-Debbie Calverley

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Way Too Funny

They always show up uninvited don't they!  Haha!


A birthday across the street
a little girl wearing a pink and white
striped dress. Balloons on the mailbox
children arrive, one by one
attached to their mothers, 
not a dad in sight. 

One by one, birthday bags
drop on the lawn, mermaids
ballerinas, some simple plastic
shopping bags. The mothers gather-
chat, the little girls and boys begin
to jump up and down anticipating cake.

High in my spruce tree, another 
pine cone drops, severed by a squirrel
determined to head into winter prepared.
I shiver and turn up the furnace
sadly putting away all of my summer dresses.

Later that evening
I see the birthday girl being carried
asleep in her mothers arms
dressed in a yellow princess dress
complete with wings.
My phone unwillingly updates.

Debbie Calverley

Saturday, September 6, 2014


He told her a story
about a cookie
that made him lose a day.

Later, they walked then ran
ducking and dodging as rain
erased time.

A homeless man yelled:
“Don’t be sad!!”

over and over.

-Debbie Calverley