Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Man Behind the Curtain

Pay no attention
to the man behind the curtain

he's only there to fool
with his little box of doom -
it glitters in his hand to make you
look, to wonder what's inside
and all he has to ever do
is hold it there in the palm
of his hand, lid turned down
until you can't resist
the mind begins to twist
turn its nothing into some
thing green and slimy, or black
and deathly, until all you ever
see is the box, the glitter beginning
to form a name until you think
that box is yours and you should
climb inside, let it take you
down - once inside can't get out
there is no shine, there is no light
just all you ever thought it was
black and empty, full of doom
until the box becomes your brain
your brain becomes the box
and nothing can open
nobody can help
until the day you push against
the lid with the flat of your hand
and light fills the cavity
eyes adjust, you see her face
as she lifts up from the other side
at the precise time as the push -
she was about to climb in
the box had fooled her too
just as you were climbing out
together leave it all behind
become each others breath
discover glimmer in the truth of it
turn and laugh at curious shadows-
once you paid attention
to the man behind the curtain
--he was only there to fool.

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