Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Porsche Series

I.  Porsche falls in Love

Someone had finally made it all the way
through the funny video game she had created
across the make-believe moat to her 
bubblegum castle that many had tried
to swim before but had only been gobbled
up by their own psychedelic crocodiles or 
drowned by the swirl of whirlpools 
that really were nothing but chocolate 
ice cream in the bottom of her cut glass bowl.

There had never before been a prince 
that knew for sure that his white horse 
was made only of marshmallows and that
to get across the moat would only involve 
blowing bubbles into vodka and drinking
fresh squeezed lemonade and allowing 
that same breeze that carried her laughter 
to carry him too and now he had just simply 
arrived riding on the tip of a fountain pen -

and the castle walls suddenly morphed into
a big bouncy Zeppelin that carried them both
away across the fields and cities that at night
resembled only tiny boxes filled with jewels
that played songs when you lifted the lid
to reveal tiny ballerinas lost in the joy of a spin.

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