Saturday, July 4, 2009

Caught at 4:51

When it happened everything went
quiet and soft, as if to make her stop
and listen to the mute sun 
warming through brown silk 
printed large with white roses
blooming them a little fuller.

Nothing extraordinary in the passing
from one moment to the next - it all
happened in a click of life's finger snap
shifting her perspective slightly left
to a place where fences no longer stood.
A Mourning Dove trilled twice

as the wind moved a little quicker
tousling through her hair, intent 
on racing messages through the grass.
Something instinctive to that moment
drilled down tapping into her

with swift invisibility and she sprung
water over edges until she knew 
this time she was fully in love
with the music that had just played 
him into her.

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