Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poetry Anthology

Check out this link to the book "Lilith", A Collection of Women's Writes in which I am featured.

It's exciting!


Anonymous said...

I love the Sum of Parts It reminds me of your older stuff (?) where the leap is key. The moon 'held' shy the river 'caught' are fabulous immages
In -I am familiar with from TCP and I think it is one of your best. The brooding prescence, the sadness and vulnerability
Prairie has a pantheistic quality -that the earth and person are one, at one physically and spiritually in this case
Congrats indeed!

Deb said...

Thanks G, it actually hit me while reading this, that you probably witnessed the first poem I ever penned because I'm sure I rushed right in and posted it. Your encouragement has always meant a lot, and I thank you for placing your lovely comment here.