Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Days of Decision

On the first day she decides
she can live without him -
buys a sun lamp 
to permeate the gloom.

On the second day she realizes
a little bit of heaven is required
to get her through, so she smokes two -
passes out to The Carpenters.

By the third day she is so bored
she flies off to Fiji.  She delights 
from her perspective, an island emerges
wet as a bobbing green beach ball.

She spends the next day listening
to sun and moon argue about illumination.
The stars witness, and begin to chatter.
On the fifth day she returns home

buys a budgie and three goldfish.
On the sixth, she finds a cat curled
on her doorstep, its green eyes shine when
she opens the door to let it inside.  

She decides she can't live without him.  
They meet for dinner, he stays forever.
The next morning finds them glued together
with sleep.  The cat lies gleaming.

The blue budgie preens and finds its own voice.
The three goldfish hover in their bowl, looking out
at a parabolic world.  The apple she picked sits 
on the wooden table, waiting to be sliced and eaten.

Ah -
so ends the seventh day.

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