Saturday, September 24, 2011


On the cracked sidewalks of my mind
there’s a question dressed in rags
that begs an answer. 

Every day I pass by, ignoring its tin can
rattle, the pungent smell, need for bread,
water and a roof. 

The question does not want money
only opportunity.  I choose to mute it
with  nonsensical chatter

television, chaos of work, or a bottle
of fine French wine.  In the moments
before sleep I hear it and know

the question will follow me down
into the lucidness of dreams.  There is fear
in listening

to something that howls for freedom.

An animal trapped will chew off its own limb
to gain it.  The answer is simple, the journey –
harsh.  Tomorrow I may stop

realize the sound of my own footsteps
fleeing this earthly trap clear in the knowledge
that survival

with one limb less
will have never felt so good.

1 comment:

Writers Block Ltd said...

Oh my, what a fine write this is. It reminds of a Paul Simon lyric..
"do my prayers remain unanswered like a beggar at your sleeve". Wonderful stuff.