Saturday, December 1, 2012


The act of donning silence confuses me
it's like putting on two different socks
or a suit of purple chain-mail.

Many people choose to dress this way
leave their house as if nobody will notice
their underwear is on the outside.

At least Madonna had the balls to arrive 
on stage, bra pointing at the crowd as if to say
A-ha! - belted out a song as if to smash

silence like a pumpkin thrown from a roof.
These veils that cover the mouth, these
speaking holes in the bank glass

these choices we make to stop 
everything from disturbing the peace 
I ask you -

has a bird ever chosen not to sing
come daybreak?

1 comment:

Biba said...

Scientists have spent years and a stupid amount of money trying to communicate with people who are physically unable to through illness or trauma, to try to understand what they are feeling - to give them a chance to communicate with the world. Yet those of sound mind and body choose to be dumb. I read once about a man who attempted to commit suicide. He was visited in his hospital bed by another patient in a wheelchair, who was dying from cancer. All she had to say to him was, "how dare you".