Saturday, September 28, 2013

Star Bright Star Light

The vast majority of humanity
will not drive a Mercedes
try a flying car
vacation on a private beach
see the sun rise without heartache
see the sun set without a sense
of hollowness

They won’t own a second home
on the coast in Spain
or even fly there to shop
at the Supermercato.
They won’t be lucky enough to find
a broken umbrella in the rain
or swim in an ocean naked.

They won't fly to the moon to tee off
or visit Mars to discover water.
I don’t think many will see a lion
running free or witness a full blown
eclipse on some dark continent.
Will we all write a poem
to hide in some quiet place?

When will we stop to look up 
freely wish upon a star
that appears and disappears
fleeing quickly between the clouds?

Debbie Calverley

1 comment:

Biba said...

I like this a lot D, you always hit the nail on the head, well as far as its possible to do that in poetry :)