Saturday, September 20, 2014


A birthday across the street
a little girl wearing a pink and white
striped dress. Balloons on the mailbox
children arrive, one by one
attached to their mothers, 
not a dad in sight. 

One by one, birthday bags
drop on the lawn, mermaids
ballerinas, some simple plastic
shopping bags. The mothers gather-
chat, the little girls and boys begin
to jump up and down anticipating cake.

High in my spruce tree, another 
pine cone drops, severed by a squirrel
determined to head into winter prepared.
I shiver and turn up the furnace
sadly putting away all of my summer dresses.

Later that evening
I see the birthday girl being carried
asleep in her mothers arms
dressed in a yellow princess dress
complete with wings.
My phone unwillingly updates.

Debbie Calverley

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