Sunday, November 15, 2015

A great link to show solidarity

You can watch this update live from around the world, it is a great thing to do!
btw this was not an attack on music it is not that specific it's an attack on all of us and everything we stand for, it is not limited to something singular.  Everything is about people.

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Biba said...

And the award for taking the terrorists' narrative and running with it goes to Madonna. She used the words 'them' and 'us' several times during her 'rant' on stage in Sweden. Well done.

Anybody who frames the debate in terms of what this was an attack on, lends legitimacy to these monsters. They have no 'cause' regardless of their stated views. So anyone who likes to think this is an attack on 'our way of life' needs to be reminded that the vast majority of people killed by Isis thus far are Muslims in the Middle East.

Somebody tweeted after the attacks 'I see humans but no humanity'. That's all there is to say about these people.