Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Friend Makes Tea for Annette Benning

A stack of situations lies to my right
On the left, a stack of items ready
to become situations. 

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend
about people we meet along the way -
we agreed it was amazing.  A couple of days
later, a film crew knocks on his door –
can they use his house for a green room
between shoots?  A couple of hours later,
he’s making tea for Annette Benning
as she sits on his living room sofa
waiting for the next set. 

Friday, I was on the radio.  At the end
of the interview, the host tells me about
a friend of his, a lawyer who is dying
of cancer, who’s real passion and talent
lies in music.  I ask for his name.  That night
he is mentioned again at an entirely different
venue, how does shit like that happen?
We all may now collide at Vinyl Revival
where ironically, a woman that brings 
us together will be singing.

Worlds continue to collide.
There’s always an event.
And my life is not yet over.

- Debbie Calverley

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